Thinking real estate?

We have listed down 4 things you should go about thinking if you intend to invest in real estate anytime soon.

1. First things first, decide on a budget. Do you intend to take a housing loan or invest your savings into it? While ideally, it would be great to keep ± 2 to 5% depending on the city you live in, it is always best to have a budget and then start looking for a place than vice versa. This will help you shortlist builders and real estate agents and save time.

2. What kind of property and where?
Have you decided if you want a flat, a row house or a villa? Or would you like to explore all options available within your budget? And where do you want it? Are you going to choose a rough territory and look for property surrounding it or a specific locality with a certain kind of housing- large societies, small one-building apartment, independent houses with common fencing?

3. So, are you going to contact the builder directly or go through a broker? Each one has its own pros and cons. While going to a builder directly would be cheaper and leave more scope for discounts, it will mean you have to hunt down vacant flats/new constructions in localities you are looking at and that will consume a lot of time. And the broker will make it easy for you to find places but you cannot overlook his commission, even if you manage to get a decent discount from the builder.

4. How to strike a good deal?
Negotiation is your mantra. The builders or real estate brokers will never tell or hint that they are open to negotiation but you should always ask for a discount. You can avail 5% to 20% discounts depending on the city in consideration. Even a 5% discount can make quite a difference to your budget if you are looking to purchase a flat in a posh locality of Mumbai or Bangalore.

If the dealer is bent on not bargaining and you still like the flat, you can ask for extra at the same price- extra parking space, specific furnishing in kitchen etc. Generally, the builders always agree.

Take your family along when you go to visit the place. This makes an impression that you are a serious buyer and a family person. It increases your chances of getting a discount. Also, always carry a cheque book for immediate down payment. Remember, you are not the real estate agent’s only customer. If you find a place perfect for your family to grow in, book it then and there. There are others who are looking for the same who might reach after you but book it first.

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Social Media Agency & Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a division of internet marketing that gets more people on your website through social media sites. Interesting and relevant content is created by you and shared on these sites, where users share it with their ‘social’ network. Because friends and other trusted sources vouch for your product, the advertising becomes credible in your customers’ network.

One of the key features of social networking sites is interaction. They let you interact with users and build relationships at a personal level. While interaction involves communicating with the brand, it also lets individuals endorse their favourite brands in their peer network, in turn saving you money on advertising. One-on-one interaction can be used to better your services by using it as a point of contact for customer care, enquiries etc. In the recent trends, most mobile service operators have turned to Twitter to get feedback from long-term customers than just rely on statistics by agencies.

So what are these social media sites?

Among many (Foursquare, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc), here are some of the most-used social media platforms:

Twitter : It connects to users at a personal level. AS your messages are less than 140 characters, the message can be conveyed in short. The user is more likely to read this message than long posts, provided it is sent out at the right time. You can link websites/ blogs through tweets. You can also use it as one-one-one communication desk.

Facebook : It lets you share information & advertise through photos, posts and videos. Alternatively, you can also conduct short surveys and create events for publicity and promotion. While there is always the avenue of paid advertising to tap, advertising to right content can be easier on your pocket.

Youtube : While you can always advertise on Youtube by choosing the right placement (before which videos is your displayed?), it is essential to have supporting adfilms/ info videos on your own channel which customers can refer to and you can link to other media.

Blog :  Blogs allow you longer posts about your products and services. They let you reason, compare and tell your potential customer why you are better than your competitor.

Why should you hire a social media agency?

1. Social media is highly dynamic and sees new trends every few months. While you focus on your product/ service, an agency with professionals who work on it full time will map trends faster and shape strategy better, doing it more efficiently.

2. Social media involves a lot of platforms and each one works in a different way to give best results. Further, these results have to be analyzed to get you comprehensive feedback which can be used in designing further strategy. An agency has the required tools to measure the effect of social media and analyzes it well, compared to organizations as it puts in a lot of time into it.

3. Well-managed social media can generate more leads, thereby increasing your return on investment. At the same time, you will also be saving time and money on in-house training and see better results from a campaign managed by experts in a social media agency.